Thank you, and good job.

art by Mikko Castano.

“Mikko is here to help you share your story. Born in Manila, raised in Los Angeles, currently studying at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., Mikko has a unique ability behind the camera to address our personal stories: the stories that make us laugh, that make us cry, that make us think, feel, and wonder. Put simply, Mikko believes in photography as a method of narrative expression. But much more than this, Mikko believes in your narrative, in your expression, in your vision—in you. While his aesthetic is variant, adaptable, and distinctive, Mikko’s vision is simple: to make the stories in your headspace a visual, personal, tangible experience. To all those that share their stories with Mikko: thank you, and good job.”

- Robert Kyte, long-time collaborator with Mikko


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Mikko Castano

+1 (818) 640-9978